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Lot 2023-3 (2.36acres) in Saint-Ignace New Brunswick

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Here is a fantastic property in the community of Saint-Ignace with 209 feet of road front along the maintained and paved Le Buttereau Road with electricity and high-speed internet available. Nicely forested throughout. A great spot for vacations and year-round living. --- Sorry this property is SOLD ---

Lot Size: 2.36 acres
Location: Saint-Ignace, Kent County, New Brunswick
Reference #: NB-2303

Land located along Le Buttereau Road, at Saint-Ignace, in the Parish of St. Louis, in the County of Kent and Province of New Brunswick. Being Lot 2023-3 on a registered plan of subdivision.

Lot Size: 2.36 acres (9,564 square meters)

Wolter Land Estates
449 Farris Road
Kelowna, British Columbia
V1W 1N1

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